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By GIDEON NYENDWA               

THE Alick Nkhata Flyover Bridge in Lusaka is still not safe for motorists and serves no real purpose, the Commuters Rights Association of Zambia has said.

The association’s president, Mr Aaron Kamuti said the bridge should be demolished because it endangers the lives of motorists and commuters who pass there every day.

Mr Kamuti said the remedial works that were done on it did not make it safe.

“When driving over the bridge even today you can still feel the same mistakes which were there from the time it was constructed,” he said.

Mr Kamuti said the road there was narrow which makes it improper for the road to accommodate a flyover bridge.

He said the bridge does not profit anyone anything and not worth waiting for a calamity to happen for it to be declared unfit. 

“If we have to make a difference it is better we act now,” he said.

And Mr Kamuti said that the engineers should not be waiting for damage to be done for them to start talking.

 “They saw that flyover bridge being contracted but rather chose to condemn it after the contraction was done,” he added.

A special committee of experts assigned by Government to inspect remedial works at the Flyover Bridge in Lusaka and give recommendations concluded that it is not necessary to demolish the bridge, the Daily Nation can report.

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