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TWENTY-FOUR people died from Covid yesterday and this figure will rise as the country faces a national disaster with hospitals turning away patients.

Zambia is at the brink of a Covid-19 disaster as hospitals are overstretched and failing to take in more patients while laxity has continued especially among political players.

Some health care facilities are reportedly turning away patients because they cannot admit or see any more patients.

Health experts have disclosed that health facilities were receiving hundreds of people with Covid-19 complications every day and the death toll has risen drastically.

Health personnel are concerned that the crunch will come soon because markets, bus stations and other public places are not observing any Covid prevention measures.

A visit to Lusaka’s biggest market, Soweto found traders and buyers alike not wearing masks and this is replicated in all other markets and bus stations.

A medical doctor, Canisius Banda has warned politicians that a situation where Covid-19 exacerbates and threatens national security could lead to postponement or cancellation of elections.

Dr Banda, who is former UPND vice president said to accuse the Ministry of Health of fraud through inflation of Covid-19 cases and deaths was ungrateful and insulting to professionals working to save the lives of the very people accusing them of fraud.

He said to allege that authorities were exaggerating the severity of this health crisis for political reasons was absurd. “They have earned our trust. And trust them, we must all do,” said Dr Banda.

Dr Banda said the Ministry of Health and all its cooperating partners deserve sincere and heartfelt commendations for having handled the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country very well so far.


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