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THE Energy Regulation Board (ERB) is working with security agencies and other Government wings to curb illegal fuel sales.

To curb the vice, ERB has engaged the Anti-Illegal fuel Vending Committee, which comprises the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Zambia Police.

ERB has thus directed Oil Marketing Companies (OMC) and fuel dealers to prioritise fuel sales to motorists and customers with authorised types of portable containers to curtail the emerging fuel black market.

ERB has also warned OMCs and dealers to ensure that they comply with the directive or face enforcement action.It sounded the warning in response to a query on the measures being taken to curtail the sale of fuel on the black market.

ERB Public Relations Manager Kwali Mfuni said there are a number of adverse impacts emanating from the sale of fuel on the black market such as exploitation of consumers.

Ms Mfuni added that the negative trend was putting a strain on the petroleum supply chain as stocks that could have lasted for about a week were depleted within hours, thereby creating artificial shortages.

“For example, it was observed that a 2.5-litre container of fuel was being sold at K90.00 in some instances,” she said

Ms Mfuni said the joint team had undertaken a number of interventions to curtail the vice mainly through joint field operations.

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