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GARRY Nkombo should stop his hallucinations about the UPND members who have defected to the PF because the only known method of testing a candidate’s popularity is through the ballot, says Ephraim Belemu.

Mr Belemu, who is former UPND Mbabala Member of Parliament said Mr Nkombo should keep quiet and let the August 12 general election tell whether the UPND members who ditched the party had been rejected in the constituencies or not. He rejected Mr Nkombo’s insinuations that most of the UPND members who defected to PF were not popular and were rejected in constituencies.

“There is only one known method of testing popularity and that is through a ballot, if someone has not been through an election you can’t tell, so he should keep quiet,” he said.

He said all UPND members who defected to the PF had moved on with a focus of ensuring victory for the PF in the coming elections.

Mr Belemu said with the launch of the PF manifesto, they were now geared for the campaigns to ensure victory for the party.

“For us we have moved ahead really and would not wait waste time on anything that would drain our energy reserved for campaigns,” he said.

Mr Belemu urged Mr Nkombo, who is UPND chairman for elections, to respect the decision of  the former UPND members who defected to PF.

He said all the UPND members who defected to PF had their own reasons for ditching the opposition party which should be respected.

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