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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is saddened that acts of criminality in Lusaka’s Mandevu constituency where property was damaged was done in full view of an opposition leader.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said he is confident he will retain power after the August 12 general elections with at least 60 percent of the total vote based on deliverables the Patriotic Front has achieved.

And the President is worried that some politicians are politicising the fight against coronavirus at the expense of people’s lives.

Speaking when he made a radio appearance on Breeze FM in Chipata, yesterday Mr Lungu said it was disturbing that acts of violence were conducted in full view of one opposition political party leader.

“I am surprised that I am the only one condemning acts of violence. Moreover, Zambians want peace, imagine I am the only one and a few others talking about peace, talking about not wanting violence in these campaigns. Yesterday, I saw some disturbing pictures on social media that were very annoying breaking vehicles, beating people in full view of even one opposition leader and I know Zambians cannot vote for such a guy, Zambians love peace,” he said.

Mr Lungu said it was surprising that one opposition party leader is quiet on the violence that characterised Mandevu on Thursday.

He said it was for this reason that Zambians have resolved to vote for the ruling party.

He said Zambians will not vote for leaders promoting violence as evidenced from the events in Mandevu.

President Lungu said the ruling party will not segregate any citizen based on tribal lines, the reason Zambians have confidence in the party.

Meanwhile, the President said he is not impressed with the adherence to the Covid-19 guidelines despite the number of cases being on the rise.

He said he is concerned that people have lost the zeal to protect themselves from the pandemic.  He said it is unfortunate that the issues of Covid have been politicised.

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