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THE Chingola Municipal Council has written to 12 bar owners to show cause why appropriate action cannot be taken against them for failure to comply to comply with Covid-19 guidelines.

Council Public Relations Officer, Believe Chisanga, said the 12 bar owners should not be sanctioned through prosecution, revocation of licences and others measures.

Ms Chisanga said the local authority issued charge notices to the 12 bars following an inspection carried out to monitor compliance levels.

At the weekend, Ms Chisanga said the local authority conducted a night operation in which 107 liquor premises were inspected
in Lulamba, Chabanyama, Kasompe and Mikiloni.

“During an operation, 12 bars were found to be allowing patrons to take liquor within bar premises, trading without liquor licences and operating beyond permitted hours. The council has since issued a charge notice.

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