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Lungu will win without a rerun – Mwanza


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu will win this year’s polls in the first round, there will be no rerun, Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) leader Robert Mwanza has predicted.

Mr Mwanza said there will be no rerun in the upcoming general elections because the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and its leader, President Lungu will win by over 50 percent in the first round.

In an interview, Mr Mwanza advised other opposition leaders not to get excited by the Africa Confidential (AC) report that there will be a rerun because as far as his party was concerned, President Lungu will have a straight victory in the first round.
He was reacting to the AC report suggesting that Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe could spoil the chances of President Lungu winning in the first round because his party has made inroads.

In its latest report, dated July 4, 2021, the UK-based publication said Dr M’membe has mobilised enough voters to prevent President Lungu from winning in the first round.
“That report should not excite anyone because President Lungu will win by 54 percent in the first round. The PF will win in the first round, there will be no rerun,” Mr Mwanza said.
According to Mr Mwanza, President Lungu would emerge victorious due to his development agenda and commitment to improving the living standards in the country.

He also agreed with the projection by the Political Science Association of Zambia, and two credible bodies in the United Kingdom (UK) and United States America (USA) that if the elections were held today, President Lungu is likely to win.

“That survey is a true reflection of what is obtaining on the ground. If President Lungu can get over 40 percent from those that have made up their minds to vote for him, he is definitely able to get over 10 percent out of the 15 percent undecided one. Then he will have 54 percent,” Mr Mwanza said.

On Sunday, the Zambian grouping along with the Faraline of UK and Media Theory of USA released an opinion poll which showed that if the elections were held today, President Lungu will likely win by over 44.5 percent followed by UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema with around 30.3 percent of the votes.

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