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..ECL HAS DONE EXTREMELY WELL, HIS MANDATE SHOULD BE RENEWED- KEBBY MBEWE…as he urges electorates not to be deceived by the opposition who have never offered any solutions but criticises every good works of Government

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe has urged electorates in Southern Province not to be deceived by Some opposition political parties whose main agenda has always been to criticise every good works of Government.

MCC Mbewe who is also PF Provincial Presidential Campaign Vice Coordinator said a named political party has never offered solutions to Government whenever the country had encountered natural challenges.

He was speaking when he featured on Byta FM special radio programme last evening.

MCC Mbewe has since urged the people of Southern Province to give President Edgar Lungu support in next month’s election because he has done exceptionally well.

He said despite not having Members of Parliament in the province, the head of state ensured that Southern Province gets its fair share of development.

“In southern province, I move as a proud person because wherever I go I see this development. The main road from Livingstone up to Lusaka. A milling plant, Monze boarding school, Kazungula District Hospital, we have over 90 health posts doted around Southern Province built by the PF.. I can take Forever explaining the changes the PF has brought to Southern Province,” he said.

He adds that there is no need to change the Government because the PF has excelled under difficult circumstances.

“Remember because of drought, we were faced with power deficits. But that is now a thing of the past because the PF has invested massively in Energy. We also have the Covid 19 but the President has ensured that the workers are paid on time. He has also provided empowerment to the Zambians in various sectors,” MCC Mbewe said.



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