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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a threat to Zambia’s democracy because he has exhibited dictatorial tendencies even after losing five times, the Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt Provincial Presidential campaign team has said.

Meanwhile, UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said the fact that no one challenged Mr Hichilema for party president implies that the party has unanimous endorsed him.

PF Copperbelt Provincial Presidential campaign team chairman, Frank Ng’ambi, said the fact that Mr Hichilema has held on to the party leadership after losing five times, was a clear indication that he was a dictator.

Dr Ng’ambi said during a press briefing in Kitwe that such kind of dictatorial tendencies exhibited could worsen if elected as Republican President.

He said the UPND has failed to change the leadership of Mr Hichilema because he does not entertain any one challenging him on the position of party Presidency

“If a person does not want to hold a party convention or to be challenged on his position as party president, then that person is exhibiting dictatorial tendencies and should not be brought into the corridors of power because he can be a threat to our democracy.

“Zambia is a democracy and those aspiring to form government must exhibit democratic tendencies. Anyway, I’m not saying this because we are scared of Mr Hichilema and his UPND, but because I want to enlighten Zambians on the kind of leadership this country needs. As PF, victory is certain,” Dr Ng’ambi said.

But Mr Mweetwa said those claiming that Mr Hichilema was a dictator were just scared of him.

He said the opposition party has no intentions having Mr Hichilema replaced because they believe in his leadership.

Mr Mweetwa also said Mr Hichilema’s popularity cannot be overlooked and is heading for a victory in the forthcoming elections.

Dr Ng’ambi said the UPND has no message for the Zambians and has resorted to misleading Zambians that the PF had brought hunger and poverty.

He said he was confident that Zambians would realise the lies of the UPND and ignore them.

“Amidst the prevalence of Covid-19 pandemic and economic challenges across the world, prices of essential commodoities have soared, but nonetheless President Lungu has shown leadership by stabilising the economy and ensuring that the prices remained affordable in the region.

“As heartless and desperate as they are for power, they are trying to gain political mileage out of this calamity by misleading the Zambians that all these problems are caused by the PF.  This is why even on August 12, they are losing the elections,” he said

Dr Ng’ambi said most of the UPND parliamentary candidates were job seekers who had failed to prove themselves that they were in politics to serve.

He said, unlike the UPND candidates, the PF parliamentary candidates had been helping the vulnerable in their communities through empowerment initiatives.

“So Zambians must look at the calibre and capacity of the UPND and PF candidates and then make a right decision by voting for the PF candidates,” Dr Ng’ambi said

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