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ALL those who applied to the Teaching Service Commission for jobs should remain patient although the process has taken a bit long, the Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) has said.

ZNUT General Secretary, Newman Bubala, said all applicants should exercise patience as the union was follow up the matter.

Mr Bubala however explained that the 2021 teacher recruitment was taking long because the process had been decentralised to district level.

The recruitment of teachers, he said, was now at the district level and thereafter the successful names of candidates would be sent to provincial offices for validations.

He said after the validation, the Teaching Service Commission would get the names and publish the successful candidates.

Mr Bubala added that human resource committees which were appointed by the Teaching Services Commission to be in charge of recruitment, would then get in touch with the candidates.

He explained that the recruitment of teachers was transparent and people must be clear about that.

He observed that there were so many teachers that had not been deployed in a while, hence the need to have a transparent process.

“I am very sure that the validation process might have taken place at provincial offices and the Teaching Service Commission will soon announce the names,” Mr Bubala said.

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