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GOVERNMENT through the Zambia Gold Company Limited (ZGCL) has bought gold worth about K9.5 million from gold miners in Rufunsa in one year.  

ZGCL Public Relations Officer Kaputo Liyani said yesterday the company had bought about 7,143 grams of gold from small-scale miners in Rufunsa from the time it started operations in June last year.

The gold was valued at an approximate value of K9.5 million.

Mr Liyani said that ZGCL would support small-scale gold miners in line with its objective of working towards the formalisation of the gold sub-sector.

He pointed out that it was for this reason that the company was buying gold from the small-scale miners in the gold sub-sector.

He encouraged unregistered entities to formalise their businesses so that they were not left out as the firm would only deal with legal entities.

“We would like to encourage those who have not registered to do so because in future, it will be difficult to trade in gold if they are not registered,” Mr Liyani said.

He added that ZGCL was working with ZCCM-IH in supporting cooperatives in Rufunsa, Vubwi and Lumenzi that were involved in gold mining.

Meanwhile, gold mining cooperatives in Rufunsa have thanked the government for providing material and technical support.

Chimwetu Gold Mining Cooperative chairman, Emmanuel Tembo, was grateful that the government had continued to support the formalised gold mining businesses in the area.

He promised that the four cooperatives in the area would ensure that they only do business with the government as a way of showing gratitude for the support.

Mr Tembo therefore urged those who were doing illegal mining to register their businesses so that they were assured of continued Government support.

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