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…they should certainly work together to promote peace and unity - Dr. Nevers Mumba


President Hakainde Hichilema and his predecessor, Edgar Lungu must dialogue  to unite the nation,  an opposition leader has said.

MMD president, Nevers Mumba has said it was important for President Hichilema and Mr Lungu for the sake of the nation to find a place in which they could relate to one another.  

In an interview, Dr. Mumba said President Hichilema and Mr. Lungu should certainly find a way of working together because they were both aware of the huge responsibility that lay on their shoulders to promote peace and unity in the country.

He said in an interview that the former president, Mr Lungu has a role to play of encouraging Zambians to support the UPND-led government in progressive issues.

Dr. Mumba said that was the only way peace would prevail in the country because it cannot only come from Mr. Hichilema as the sitting President but must also be demonstrated by his predecessor.

“There is a big responsibility on the shoulders of President Hichilema and Mr. Lungu and I know that for the sake of Zambia, they will find a place in which they can relate to one another,” he said.

He has called on the church to continue praying for peace of the country and the unity between Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Lungu to become a reality.

And Dr Mumba said it was not abnormal for Mr Lungu to bow to the position he held once because he respects the Presidency.

Dr. Mumba said when Mr. Lungu was President, people bowed before him in respect of the Presidency and now that Mr Hichilema was the head of State, it was not abnormal for President Lungu to bow before him.

He said in an interview that the gesture from Mr. Lungu during the burial of late president, Rupiah Banda showed that he respects the presidency and all Zambians should do the same.

“There is only one President at a time, when Mr Lungu was President, we were all bowing before him and now that Mr. Hichilema is in office, it is not abnormal for Mr. Lungu to bow, he is actually bowing to the position he held once, so he respects that position, and we should all do the same,” Dr. Mumba said.


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