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CATHOLIC Archbishop of Lusaka, Dr Alick Banda has urged Zambians and political leaders to seek peace with one another because lack of it in their society and in the world at large has led to wars.

Archbishop Banda warned that the consequences of war are bitterness, hatred, enmity, and revenge which must be avoided at all cost.

He said the lack of peace in society was not only as a result of economic and political issues but also a result of social, cultural and personal issues such as selfishness, envy and hatred.

Archbishop Banda was speaking at the Consecration Mass for Russia and Ukraine at the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Lusaka,

“The peace that comes from above, the peace that comes from God always begins in the heart and from there it spreads.  However, a heart that has no peace, even what comes out will surely be a replica of what is in that heart.  Because you cannot give what you don’t have.

“It must be understood that the lack of peace in our society is not just a result of economic-political issues although these play a big role, however, it is also a result of social, cultural, and most importantly personal issues such as selfishness, envy, hatred, and unbridled craving for power,” Archbishop Banda said.

He appealed to the people of goodwill to join him in prayer for peace in the world, as well as in Russia and Ukraine.

“Let us, therefore, pray earnestly for God’s intervention in the world, as we invoke the intercession of our Lady of Fatima that war may cease, and that peace may return to Ukraine and Russia and the world all over, “Archbishop Banda said.

He said partisan interests of both the West and the East, have culminated into a war in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, he said, it is women and children, the old and the sick who are the first victims of any war or civil strife, while the perpetrators remain secure and globe-trotting.

The mass was attended by Vice President Mutale Nalumango, Vatican Ambassador to Zambia, Archbishop Julio Murat and members of the diplomatic corps, Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Doreen Mwamba and political party leaders and members.

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