‘Don’t mock UPND over deferred promises, it’s not helpful’


DON’T mock the UPND administration for their deferred election campaigns but console them and together look for solutions to develop the country, the Social Economic and Environmental Survival Projects (SEES-Projects) has urged the former ruling party and all Zambians.

SEES-Projects Executive Director, Moses Lungu said Zambians, especially those in the previous government should not mock their colleagues for failing to fulfil their promises because the country would not achieve anything.

However, Reverend Lungu in an interview urged the UPND administration to avoid arrogance and pride through their failure to accept the reality obtaining on the ground because that would be too costly to the nation.

Rev. Lungu said the UPND should re-engage with the Zambians more especially the youth on the deferred promises failure to which the consequences might be devastating for them as the ruling party.

He said now that the UPND have done the analysis compared to what they promised and are familiar with the reality, it was important that they re-engage the people on what they are not capable of doing.

“It’s very dangerous to make promises, when you make promises, you must be prepared because a promise is like a covenant and when a covenant is broken, repercussions can be quite devastating. A lot of people especially the youth now are sick mentally due to deferred promises,” he said.

Rev. Lungu said the UPND could not be too sure of how things in the country would unfold for instance when they made promises to people, they didn’t know that there would be war in Ukraine that would affect the economy.

He said the UPND saw the PF as the party in power then failing to keep the economy afloat due to factors which were at play at that particular time such as the Covid-19 pandemic so they too should not be too sure.


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