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President Hakainde Hichilema says Change has come

In is inaugural speech shortly after been sworn in, President Hichilema said the victory of the UPND, was not his but for the Zambians, especially the youths who turned up to vote in great numbers.

President Hichilema said power was deposited in the people and that the Zambians unanimously decided that it was time for change.

“That change has come,” he said.

He said although the road would be challenging, the UPND would overcome challenges that befell zambians.

President Hichilema said that there was need to create value through production in order to create enough wealth to share.

The President said that no Zambian should be going to bed hungary.

He assured that Zambians would remain the masters of their affairs and him and his party, servants of the nation.

And Hichilema reterieted that acts of caderism and criminality would not be tolerated by his government.

President Hichilema warned that his government would have zero tolerance for corruption.

He assured, however that his governments commitment to the fight against corruption will not be based on vengeance and retribution.

The President said he would ensure that law enforcers handle the matter of corruption professionally.

The head of state noted that there shall be no discrimination of any Zambian based on tribe, ethnicity or gender, adding that every citizen will be an equal participant in the affairs of the country.

He said his government would ensure it embarks on rigorous social and economic reforms to improve the country’s macro economic fundamentals.

To achieve the development aspirations of the country, President Hichilema called on all stakeholders of various fields and industries to work together.

He also invited all the opposition political parties to unite together with his government towards nation building.

The head of state also assured the media of a free environment in which to operate.

Hichilema said he was grateful to former President Edgar Lungu for making the transition process smoothly.

Earlier President Hichilema led the gathering into observed a minute of silence for First republican President Kenneth Kaunda and all that departed during the same period.

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