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POLICE in Chingola have arrested a man of Luankole area for incest after he had sex with his two daughters without their consent.

Copperbelt Province Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi said the man (name with-held) repeatedly had sex with his 11 and 12 year old daughters. Mr Chushi said the case was reported by his ex wife of Chiwempala area on Monday.

 He said the incidences occurred between February and July 31, this year. “I can confirm that we have received a report of incest where the man had canal knowledge with his two daughters without their consent on several times. “Both victims sustained pains on their private parts and general body pains,” he said. Mr Chushi explained that this happened after he decided to get the girls from their mother whom he had divorced. He got the girls on grounds that he wanted to take them to school.

He said the couple divorced in 2014 and he pleaded with his ex-wife so that he could get the children and live with them. He added that the father began abusing his daughters sexually and told them never to go back to their mother’s place, for fear of being exposed

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