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In a letter addressed to President Edgar Lungu, Mr Mutale demanded that the leadership allow the voices of the people to decide who would take PF forward in rebranding and rebuilding it, to give people the hope and the energy that it was built on.

 “We have members in PF with wider political leadership experience in the party, we need a total rebranding of the PF Party, an interim leadership committee should consist of new faces that is what the people demand, when we say rebranding,” the letter reads in part. Mr Mutale said the current central committee was appointed not elected, to deliver the party’s victory in the just ended election but was not successful.

 He said the election ended up in serious unexpected disappointments where candidates who contested the parliamentary and local government seats did not do well because people were left out in decision making.

Mr Mutale said the central committee did not listen to the wishes and the will of the people. “People are still mourning and they are still in hiding, families are broken, businesses are broken, our PF offices are broken, its history, members lost hope in their leaders and the party, due to the decisions made without listening and giving the people their requests and desires, We need to do away with that,” the letter reads.

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Mr Mutale said if PF was to come back stronger as a rebranded and rebuilt party, retaining the same people who had been involved in the just ended election by appointing them in the higher positions without the will of the people would be a blunder.

 “I strongly propose we end it now, and we give the voice of the people, the power and the attention they deserve, the youth, the women and the ordinary party members, the participation they deserve, so that they can be inclusive in decision making on the PF leadership,” he said. Mr Mutale said PF members country[1]wide were very upset and demand new faces in an interim committee of the party.

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