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… They have brought down governments – Kabimba
ACC, DEC and the FIC are dangerous institutions which have brought down governments because of their partisan nature, Rainbow Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has warned.
Mr Kabimba said the investigative agencies vilify individuals associated with an outgoing government to please the new regime.
He said ACC, DEC, FIC and the police were a danger to society because they uphold self-preservation and self-interest in their operations even when there was no interference by the government.
“Former President Edgar Lungu was partly brought down by these institutions. Valden Findlay was a good person during the Lungu regime then President Hakainde Hichilema comes into power and overnight Findlay becomes a criminal,” Mr Kabimba said during a radio interview yesterday.
Mr Kabimba questioned why investigative wings did not find Mr Findlay wanting during the PF regime.
He said investigative wings in Zambia operate in a partisan manner and persecute citizens to protect their jobs.
Mr Kabimba however said as it had been the case in the past, the investigative wings would not come out with anything tangible from the impulse investigations on citizens they were making.
He said a commission of inquiry should be instituted to establish why ACC, DEC and other investigative wings were failing to operate professionally in the past.
“The staff in these institutions are contaminated, they want to keep their jobs,” said Mr Kabimba.
Mr Kabimba said instead of sending District Commissioners on forced leave, the new regime should have sent staff in moribund institutions on forced leave.
He said the officers in these institutions needed to justify their stay in office since 2016 when they acted unprofessionally.
He said that even the KCM liquidator, Mr Milingo Lungu had his account frozen without any notice or explanations when he was a free man all along.
“Now Milingo, the liquidator to KCM has his accounts frozen, why didn’t they do it then if transactions were suspicious? Now they want to pander to HH that they are clean and that the past regime was rotten, and they themselves are clean,” he said.

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