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HH running ‘dead’ Cabinet – Changala

…claims there is no Cabinet Minister, including the Vice President courageous enough to challenge or resist President Hichilema’s style of governance

…claims there is no Cabinet Minister, including the Vice President courageous enough to challenge or resist President Hichilema’s style of governance


BREBNAR Changala is claiming that President Hakainde Hichilema is running a cabinet that is dead and moribund needing urgent reshuffles before the vigour to government is drained completely and render the country undisciplined.

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Mr Changala, a civil rights and political activist is deeply concerned that President Hichilema seemed to be comfortable to be presiding over a cabinet that does not give him resistance to style of governing the country exclusively from his ministers.

He said the biggest challenge the UPND government was facing was failure to consult and bring on board different people with shared views which was taking them nowhere.

Featuring on Prime TV on Monday, Mr Changala said most of the people in Mr Hichilema’s government were new with some of them becoming civil servants for the first time in their lives but given tasks to run ministries that they did not even understand.

He said it was unfortunate even technocrats who were supposed to be helping the ministers to run the ministries were being moved to Cabinet Office and put on holding positions.

“What kind of government are we running? If you ask an ordinary Zambian to name five Cabinet minister in the UPND government, they are failing because the Ministers are just not there?  If you look at what is happens in Parliament…and I just have to say this, the Vice President looks lost whenever she’s asked challenging questions in the House. Things are not adding up,” Mr Changala said.

He said it was difficult to reason with the UPND government because of the “know it all attitude” which was leading them to destruction.

He said for the first time in Zambia, it was easier for a foreigner to access State House than an indigenous Zambian under the UPND.

Mr Changala said the fight against corruption was targeted where only local people who were getting arrested for having property that was suspected to be proceeds of crime while foreigners were owning mansions and a lot of properties around the country.

He said there were Zambians whose bank accounts had been frozen for two years on suspicion that the money was corruptly acquired while foreigners were cashing in big moneys and building shopping malls around the country with no one questioning them.

Mr Changala said the UPND government had not paid suppliers on account that they were auditing them only to get back at their perceived enemies.



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