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Don’t shift attention, HH advised
THE pronouncement by President Hakainde Hichilema to set up Corruption Fast Track Courts was just cosmetic and aimed at shifting people’s attention from real issues, New Congress Party (NCP) president, Peter Chanda has said
Mr Chanda in an interview said that the President was trying to ensure that people’s expectations were diverted by saying the previous government was corrupt.
He said the fast track corruption court was not what people wanted but that they ushered in the new government because they wanted an improvement in the economy and creation of more jobs.
‘’For me I feel it is just a cosmetic promise aimed at hoodwinking people from what they were promised when they were in opposition,’’ he said.
He said that the ruling party promised people to fix the economy in the first 200 days in office and that his party was closely watching and ensuring that they stuck to their campaign promises.
Mr Chanda said that the previous government had scored a number of successes and that they left US$3 billion in the reserves and that what was needed was for the new administration to improve on that and not what was not important.
Meanwhile the UPND Alliance said Zambians needed to step up and assist President Hakainde Hichilema swiftly recover all stolen public assets now and into the future.
Commenting on President Hichilema’s ceremonial address to the 13th National Assembly on Friday, UPND Alliance spokesperson, Leslie Chikuse said the speech was comprehensive.
He said it was exciting that President Hichilema emphasized on the need to not only arrest plunderers of public assets but that this will be done via fast-track courts.
Chikuse, who is Republican Progressive Party (RPP) president, urged Zambians to rise to the occasion and support President Hichilema’s leadership vision.
During his speech for the ceremonial opening of Parliament, President Hichilema announced that fast-track courts would be set up to recover public assets stolen in the past, presently and in the future.

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