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ANY move by the Hakainde Hichilema administration to swerve to the far west to exclude China from the country’s economic diplomacy, will cost Zambia economically, Green Party (GP) leader Peter Sinkamba has warned.

Mr Sinkamba said it was important for Zambia to continue enjoying economic relationship with both sides.

He said while it was too early to judge how the new government was engaging with the country’s traditional bilateral allies, the China relationship was key considering that the Asian giant has always been there for Zambia in times of need.

Mr Sinkamba said his hope is that President Hichilema would be able to give direction on how his government will engage with China, a key ally to Zambia.

He said he would be shocked if the new government decided to sideline China in preference to others in the quest to rebuild the economy.

He explained that when the IMF divorced Zambia, the country run to China which accepted to fund the current infrastructure development the country has achieved.

Mr Sinkamba said China is the biggest economy with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) standing at over $23 trillion compared to USA $20 trillion GDP.

He said even big economies like the USA and Europe depended on China for their economic growth.

Mr Sinkamba said China was the largest bondholder in the American economy and that if the Asian giant decided to pull out its money, the US economy would collapse.

He said the new government should find ways of balancing the relationship without injuring the links with China.

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