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Dear Editor,

WE in the UPP, are appalled, but certainly not surprised by the “empty treasury” rhetoric from the MMD-run UPND Government. Zambia is not a poor country. The culture of recycling the same looters to key portfolios is responsible for bringing us to where we are today as a nation.

As Albert Einstein once put it, we cannot solve problems by using the same mindset that we had when we created them. The true wealth of Zambia must be appreciated by looking at the national balance sheet in terms of the mineral, water and other natural resources we have.

A visionary government must execute a plan to generate revenues from our resource endowments while building reserves for future generations. Every year, our nation loses over US$50 billion to the “black economy” and the infamous corruption industry which has been flourishing since 1991. Billions of dollars are lost through the back door trade of our gold, emeralds, mukula, among other resources. The emerald sector alone can pay off the public debt while using our other resources to spur economic growth and job creation for young people.

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The Zambian workers need not pay PAYE. Double taxation must end in Zambia. Our citizens need to benefit from their heaven-given resources and this is not too much to ask for. We demand nothing, but delivery of all electoral promises by the MMD-run UPND government.

 We are not going to tolerate lame excuses. The people of Zambia booted out PF from power for reasons we all know and we need not be reminded about this everyday – you have the power now, get to work and deliver. We shall be addressing a major news conference at our new secretariat as soon as all renovations are completed.


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