…explain commitment to Biden on homosexuality


THE UPND government should come out and explain to the nation what President Hakainde Hichilema meant when he assured the United States of America that Zambia would realign its values to match theirs and “what is right for other people” if not committing the country to adopting homosexuality 

PF vice president Given Lubinda in an interview said that he would not be surprised that the President was talking about homosexuality because the UPND was aligned to the Africa Liberal Network which championed the cause.

He said when President Hichilema met US Vice President Kamala Harris, he  indicated that Zambia would realign its values and make them more like those of the US.

“I want to challenge the President to explain what he meant because some of us have many questions and it’s up to him to clear the air and put this matter to bed once and for all,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Lubinda said that the current Home Affairs Minister, Mr Jack Mwiimbu while in opposition had said that they would do away with Zambia being a Christian nation.

He said Mr Mwiimbu openly while debating indicated that they were not interested in Zambia being a Christian nation and that they would get rid of it once they formed government.

Mr Lubinda said these were clear indications that they were pushing for a sinister agenda which was foreign in Zambia which believed in Christian ethos.

“It is up to the President to tell us what he meant because we have so many questions and some are even assuming that they are pushing and trying to impose the homosexual culture on Zambians,” Mr Lubinda said.

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