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REBRANDING the Patriotic Front (PF) should not mean completely getting rid of the senior and old party officials, PF Copperbelt Deputy Media Director Munalula Moola has said.

He said there was need to blend the youth and the senior party members of the party so that programmes could be implemented effectively.

Mr Moola said it would be wrong to replace all the senior and old party officials with youths because the party needed both the ‘old guards’ and youths to put together ideas on how to recover from defeat and set the stage for much stronger PF.

He said there were some old guards whose conduct was impressive and could help the party and those whose conduct left much to be desired and should not brought closer to the party leadership.

“Not all PF old guards are bad. Just like youths, not all the youths can be good leaders, but can be better mobilisers. So, as we re-brand our party, let us tread cautiously and desist from being emotional.

“We know those who were bad leaders, but we should not wash dirty linen in public or play in the hands of our enemies. let us be careful and most importantly, let us remain united,” Mr Moola said.

Mr Moola said the loss in the August election was painful, but pointing accusing fingers would not help the party.

He said it was important to tell the Zambians that the former ruling party had learnt from its mistakes and if given another chance would refine itself and provide quality leadership

“We are yet to see how the UPND government will improve people’s lives. How it will provide free education and create jobs for the youths,” he said.

And Mr Moola has said the PF was hoping that President Hichilema will come up with a quality and balanced cabinet because he has taken long to announce his cabinet.

Mr Moola said the PF and Zambians in general were hoping that he would be able to come up with quality and balanced cabinet which would be acceptable to almost every Zambian

“We are hoping that because President Hichilema has taken long to announce his cabinet, he will come up with a quality and balanced cabinet worth the waiting we have been subjected to.

“If the cabinet will be something else, then we will be very disappointed and we will be asking ourselves that why were we subjected to waiting for three weeks for the cabinet,’ he said

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