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The Zambia Land Alliance has (ZLA) has backed the planned demolition exercise of structures built on the Railway line stretch between Kamwala and Libala by the Zambia Railways and the Lusaka City Council.

According to a notice in the Press, the Zambia Railways Limited in partnership with LCC plans to demolish illegal structures built on the land along the stretch commonly known as Njanji commuter land reserve belonging to them.

ZLA executive Director Patrick Musole said demolishing the structures was the right way to go considering the illegalities that had been going on in which people had been acquiring   land illegally .

Mr Musole charged that most of the land around the stretch was allocated illegally either by cadres or people allocating it to themselves.

He said  the affected families have been given adequate notice and the fact that it was happening in the dry season was the best way to go about it so as to deter and avoid such illegalities.

ZRL indicated that they would demolish the structures without compensating the owners and that they had given them adequate notice.

According to the notice, this was after thorough verification exercise of illegal developers and encroachers who had occupied or built in the area.

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