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We have received a statement from the Minister of Information Chushi Kasanda on her response to our Press Briefing we had on Wednesday 15th September, 2021.

We want to tell Hon. Kasanda that her government has no moral capacity to stop Zambian from criticizing the government and President Hakainde Hichilema.

The Hon. Minister has no right to say it is too early to criticize a new government when it was the same UPND that promised Zambians that immediately they form government,things will be electrified.

The definition of immediately is very clear.

There is nothing improper about criticizing President Hichilema for appointing people with a questionable character.

We have also taken note that the Minister said the UPND led government will uphold Zambia’s Christian status in principle and in practice.

We are want to say this is a joke and mockery to Christians because it is the same government that has scrupt off the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Gender.

It is clear and a fact that the UPND led government has not regard for Christians and women but we are not shocked that some Pastors and women groups are quite because these are some of the people that campaigned for the UPND and now embarrassed.

We understand the Minister of Information does not understand what she is talking about hence people like Southern Province Minister Connelius Mweetwa usually speak on her behalf.

We want to urge the Minister of Information to concentrate on improving the media landscape by ensuring that the Acess to Information Bill is put into law.

Lastly, we want to announce that we will be sending a well detailed bundle of information about new Ministers and other senior government officials appointed President Hichilema, so that she understands why we are against such people because the UPND promised Zambians that they will run a government with prudent individuals.

The Binoculars is working and Zooming.

Hon. Raphael Mangani Nakacinda PF MCC
Information and Publicity
17th September 2021


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