Dear Editor,

I AM one of the critics of President Hakainde Hichilema, not to make him fail but like a sculptor does to his unfinished work, continuing to chip the stone to make it into the sculpture to revere.

I want President Hichilema to achieve his ambitions in the interest of an ordinary child in rural Zambia. 

I disapprove of the negative context in which some of you see my write-ups. Unfortunately I am a person who questions a lot of pronouncements based on verifiable premises. 

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What is Zambia’s debt position and what did the Head of State tell us vis a vis the statement by the Minister of Finance? Who is telling the truth? And why two statements from the same Cabinet?

Maybe I think too much but I choose to see it differently: I want knowledge over ignorance. I am done with this topic. The truth is known and the Head of State has read my write-ups and I am sure that he has gotten the message. 

I pray, in Jesus’s almighty name, that our rebuke will never be to destroy but to build our leaders and help them realise that they are in those positions to extract blood from a stone to ensure a better future for every child in Zambia, poor or rich! Amen!

Let’s then focus our energies on the current topic of petitioning the Head of State to save Zambia from environmental destruction the previous regime had embarked on. Read my article on this link: https://is.gd/CS0BZ1



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