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THE country is losing about 250, 000 hecteres of forests to deforestation and this is happening at a high rate, says Green and Economy Minister Collins Njovu.

Mr Njobvu said there is need for the country to utilize the foresty sustainably to ensure that the natural resources  are protected.

In an interview, Mr Njovu said Government is going to use various natural resources sustainably  as it grows the economy .

Mr Njobvu said Zambia is now ranked as a number one deforester in Africa and   firth in the world, therefore the need to continue sensitizing the nation on the effects of climate change.

He said this is why Government has banned the cultivation of Mukula trees and other types of timber in the country.

He said the negative effects of climate change can be shown through severe droughts which can lead to poverty and malnutrition in the country.

Mr Njobvu said if deforestation is not tackled now, the country will continue experiencing disasters that will affect many lives.

He said he will ensure to bring on board some stakeholders so that the ministry can achieve its mandate of protecting them.

“The country is not doing well in terms of deforestation and it is losing   forests  at a very high rate which is now at 250,000 hectors per year and this is what has led to the country witnessing severe floods which has also destroyed the infrastructure. Government can not afford to aid the environment degradation because  of dire  consequences,” Mr Njobvu said.              

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