UPND is disturbed

Dear Editor,
FROM the beginning let me state that I can speak about the UPND because as can be seen on my Google and ZDDM page this party has always spoken ill of me ever since I left their pact in 2014 to spearhead the campaign for former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda best known as RB political comeback which subsequently supported President Dr Edgar Lungu.
UPND has since tried very hard to demonise our party at any given chance but this has not shaken us because everybody is aware this party is very destructive.
As stated, ZDDM and its presidential candidate RB supported the PF but for a while felt disappointed that the PF could not acknowledge our contributions toward its winning the 2015 which the UPND could have won because it had the direct and indirect support of the then acting President Guy Scot and the powerful local agents of foreign powers who are still desperately undermining national interests and negatively influencing events in Zambia today.
We have continued to walk on a double-edged path because brothers like President Hichilema Hakainde enjoy teasing us on what political achievements we have made by supporting the PF because Zambia is still experiencing many political, economic and social problems.
Meanwhile, the PF which we defend and support avoids us like lepers and treats us like total strangers but we thank God and are very happy as it is now as clear as a bright summer morning that God allowed this distance between the PF, UPND and ZDDM to exist because we still have an important divine mission to accomplish and that is to take Zambia back on the path towards the independence dream and vision as enshrined in the national anthem and to defend our sovereignty as a nation against Satanic destructive foreign powers which are using local political parties, NGOs and media houses to undermine our country.
As a party we believe that God is extremely sad to see how Zambia, a country which he has blessed so much and which claims to be a Christian nation is overwhelmed by evil and allowing a governance system which promotes widespread poverty, hate and division.
The majority of Zambian are suffering and have continued to die unjustly everyday from poverty related causes because of the demonic and primitive culture in Zambia of “God for all and each one for himself.”
This satanic spirit of not thinking and caring for others has penetrated the whole system and society hence our mission to advocate for reforms which can bring the necessary change in the Zambian society.
We expect Zambians of good will who understand politics to have already observed that the UPND as a party is acting and behaving in a disturbed and disoriented manner following our campaign to collect signatures inviting former Vice President Enoch Kavindele (EK) to stand as our presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.
Zambian who understand politics must have noticed that for the first time the UPND is trying to boost its image by suddenly starting to make friendly constructive statements and playing the role of a responsible and constructive opposition party through supporting the government’s effort to fight the Coronavirus epidemic by making donations instead of its usual destructive characteristic behaviour of fault finding and witch-hunting.
Every Zambian must commend and appreciate the new image though coming too late when it has already lost a large chunk of its strong hold which has come to support our presidential candidate EK and our reform agenda which aims at taking power to the people.
The UPND and indeed PF know that their game is over and that ZDDM with EK will bringing to an end what seem to most of us like a power struggle between what sounds like the Bemba and Tonga tribes.
Even statements coming from chiefs like Mukuni and the Mwine Lubemba Chiti Mukulu who has always denied the assumption that Bembas are not after monopolising power because EK comes from the 70 tribes which have been used in the political chess game.
The UPND is aware that it has lost its hold on some provinces which have now come to support our agenda of a constitutional reform referendum within the first 100 days of EK entering State House to change the whole governance system in Zambia that no single tribe can plot to use other tribes to get power.
On May 3, 2020, ZDDM will announce the response from EK who we want to spearhead the change and release our manifesto through which we hope to build a nationalist team of patriotic leaders like President Nevers Mumba, Akashambatwa Lewanika, Tenthani Mwanza, Charles Milupi and Major Chizyuka.
We want every Zambian including President Lungu and all former leaders to freely exchange ideas on a Marshall plan to rebuild Zambia after the coronavirus epidemic especially instead of wasting time and energy on planning how they will fix President Lungu and his government officials when they assume power.
Our priority with EK is to save Zambia from the satanic and destructive foreign sponsored organisations frustrating the developmental efforts in the country and restoring the spirit of love, unity, patriotism and nationalism.
We want all the public institutions from State house to the people cleaning the streets and organs including the Anticorruption Commission, Zambia police, ZNBC etc to be free of the current hold of being used as tools of campaigning other people’s agendas to observe professional ethics and serve national interest.
We have no doubt that former vice president Enoch Kavindele will be the next President of Zambia because our agenda is aimed at restoring love and unity in Zambia which will give the country a chance to utilise the abundant wealth available to fulfilling not only God’s will of uplifting the quality and living standards of the people but make Zambia a heaven on earth.
ZDDM President.


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