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THE backtracking on campaign promises by the UPND government has vindicated PF and showed that President Hakainde Hichilema is not the messiah Zambians hoped would steer the country out of the economic challenges, former Defence Minister Davis Chama has said.

Mr. Chama, who is also PF deputy national chairman said UPND had backtracked on most of the promises they made during the campaign, things that made the people vote for them.

He said Zambians thought President Hichilema was the messiah who would save the country from economic collapse based on the promises he made, and now it was clear he was not the one.

Mr. Chama said as much as the country was faced with problems in the past, what was happening now showed that the UPND was not the right alternative.

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He said without implementing the promises that were made during the election campaigns, UPND would have nothing different to offer.

“Zambian should be very careful when choosing leaders, especially with politicians who promise to be messiahs,” Mr. Chama said.

He said what is happening now should serve as a lesson to Zambians not to buy into cheap promises.

Mr. Chama said in the PF government farmers would get farming inputs on time and that is the reason why the country is boasting of a bumper harvest now.

He said but now in the UPND government farmers are not even sure when they are going to get their fertiliser.

Mr. Chama said the rains have started in some parts of the country and the farmers are worried that their maize may go to waste because the Food Reserve Agency has not bought the maize.

He also said the government should focus on serving the people rather than telling the people of Zambia how bad PF was because that is not the reason why they were elected.

“They are in government now, let them work, not where the President says this and the minister says another thing,” Mr. Chama said.

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