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I’m forward to fulfilment of promise on NAPSA

I’m forward to fulfilment of promise on NAPSA

Dear Editor,

ONE of the promises I’m looking forward to seeing fulfilled is that of NAPSA. The disbursement of NAPSA contributions indeed must be restructured and paid in between working years.

It is a norm in our communities that many people invest using their retirement packages and among the many retirees only a few pull through successfully, the rest it’s a common story of how poorer they become overtime.

When we critically analyse wages across our country, majority fall below K10, 000 and K5, 000 in both private and civil service.

Now looking at our family culture setups, Christian values, the community perspective of the working class, only a few strive, invest and prepare for retirement, many await for retirement packages to invest and even build their own houses.

I know this calls for a deep conversation in that many have made it through their monthly earnings, many have mismanaged their monthly earnings through tashichepela mwine, many are overburdened and their monthly earnings can’t sustain them, many have accrued many debt through loans, however we can draw lessons from each story told.

To bring about a firm paradigm shift and break this norm, Bally must fulfill his promise on NAPSA.

People should start getting their monies in between their service, a minimum of seven to 10 years contributions must be released to contributors for improvement of their livelihood and investment. NAPSA contributions which have been mandatory should also come with a good interest percentage because its workers’ contributions that has made NAPSA what it is today.

It’s my hope that the NAPSA promise by President Hakainde Hichilema won’t be abandoned but actualised for the purpose of improving workers’ livelihood.


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