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‘Invest in rural roads to attract investors’


THE new Government should commit to long-term road infrastructure investment in rural areas like Kanchibiya Constituency, as a positive signal to investors, Member of Parliament, Sunday Chanda has advised.

Mr Chanda said major road improvements would not only act as a catalyst for improved economic performance but also raise expectations about future investments in rural areas.

He told the Daily Nation that for newly created districts like Kanchibiya, turning Luchembe – Kopa – Munikashi Road into an economic gateway would result in increased business investments contributing to the growth of the local economy and to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Mr Chanda said there was need for the new Government to declare Luchembe-Kopa Road an economic road in Kanchibiya Constituency by upgrading it into bituminous standard because it houses the  $25million Zampalm Plantation investment.

He explained that the Luchembe – Kopa – Munikashi Road lead to other potential multi-million dollar investment opportunities in commercial rice production, commercial fish production, soap and cosmetic production, timber production, soyabeans, groundnuts, among many others.

“This road is in a deplorable state and it is only prudent that Government declares it an economic road by raising it to bituminous standard. Turning this road into an economic road can lead to gains for Kanchibiya’s economic performance by attracting business investment,” Mr Chanda said.

He also said there was no doubt that turning into  Luchembe-Kopa-Munikashi Road into an economic one,  would lead to lowering the costs of doing business in the area. 

Mr Chanda also said the road would also provide increased access to labour markets as well as improved productivity through agglomeration.

“I am therefore, calling on Government to commit to long-term road infrastructure investment as a signal to investors, as this will raise expectations about future investments into the area. Major road improvements on roads such as Luchembe – Kopa – Munikashi; Chalabesa-Kabinga and Chambeshi-Chinkobo roads will act as a catalyst for improved economic performance,” he said.

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