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As the clergy we should emulate TB Joshua by reducing on the tendency of always going to politicians with a begging bowl, the Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA) has said.

Nigerian prophet, Temitope Balogun Joshua commonly known as TB Joshua died last month and was buried on Friday, 9 July, 2021.

EYA President, Reverend Moses Lungu said the clergy in the country should emulate Prophet TB Joshua’s humble attitude of helping the vulnerable in society instead of extorting money from them.

Rev. Lungu said in an interview that most clergy were in the habit of extorting money from unsuspending followers of Jesus Christ especially the vulnerable widows.

He said the late Nigerian prophet endeavored to help the poor in society including politicians with whatever resources God gave him and not the opposite.

“Our reputation as the clergy has not been very good, we should reduce on the habit of always moving with a begging bowl to our politicians, the people we are supposed to help,” he said.

Rev. Lungu said prophet TB Joshua helped politicians spiritually and financially and managed to do his best without seeking a huge bank account

He said the noble acts of the prophet has lifted the bar of what society expects from the clergy.

He added that the late man of God’s ministry has left a mark not only for the people of Nigeria but the world in that it impacted positively on that country’s economy.

Rev. Lungu said by helping the poor in society, the clergy would make the glory of God more visible and attract people to kingdom life.

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