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‘ACC biased’


THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been accused of only targeting Zambians in their investigations leaving out foreigners alleged to have participated in big contracts. 

Former Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) chairperson Bishop John Mambo has accused the ACC of turning a blind eye to the foreigners involved in suspected shady contracts.

He said despite government spending huge sums of money to fund the operations of ACC, the graft agency has failed to live up to the expectations of Zambian. 

Bishop Mambo warned that if the ACC continue being selective in their line of work, they risk losing integrity.

He also wondered why the ACC has suddenly started following up the alleged plunderers when all along they have been around watching while criminal activities were going on.

Bishop Mambo questioned why only Zambians are being targeted when in actual fact foreigners are the ones who got big projects from Government which in some cases they did not execute according to the contract agreement. 

“Are they saying all the Chinese companies who took part in the project are not wanting,” he said. 

He said the ACC should stop the witch-hunt and get to work and arrest the real corruption perpetrators adding that by being selective, ACC is leaving out big culprits who are roaming the streets and the danger is that the same people will use the stolen money to hijack the system. Bishop Mambo said the only way to bring sanity in the fight against corruption is for the ACC and other investigation agencies to stop being selective as they carry out their duties on behalf of the citizens. 

“I have been observing the operations of ACC, and it’s clear that the investigations are very selective and only targeted at Zambians leaving out the foreigners that took part in the government projects,” said Bishop Mambo.  

“No wonder Amos Chanda is calling them criminals because he knows what is happening at the ACC,” he said. 

He said the ACC should tell the nation when they are going to follow the big contractors that were given big expensive contracts that some of them have not completed. 

“ACC, DEC and other investigative agencies should give Zambians a break and go for big fish that are roaming the streets ready to pounce anytime,” he said.

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