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Lusambo predicts land-slide for Lungu


THE opposition will dance to the tune of President Edgar Lungu’s popularity on the Copperbelt come August 12 general elections, Coordinator Bowman Lusambo has said.

Mr  Lusambo, who is Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt mobilisation committee coordinator,  said in an interview that the province would be 100 percent PF before the August 12 general elections which would be a disadvantage to the opposition.

He said currently the mobilisation team had managed to hit 85 percent of the people in the province support the ruling party.

He said the team was now working to ensure the remaining 15 percent of the people support the ruling party.

Mr Lusambo said the mobilisation team would deliver in order for President Lungu win with a landslide.

“We have done our work and we are at 85 percent. The signal is very clear that we will reach the numbers we want as a party.

“I can comfortably say today that we are enjoying good support from the people on the Copperbelt and come August 12 the people will give His Excellency President Dr Edgar Changwa Lungu another mandate to administer the country’s affairs,” Mr Lusambo said.

Mr Lusambo who is also Lusaka Province Minister and Kabushi Constituency lawmaker, said those doubting the popularity of  the Head of State must wait for August 12 elections.

“We have been receiving a thunderous welcome from the people because they have been feeling the impact of the work of His Excellency President Dr Edgar Changwa Lungu,” he said.


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