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Bowman Lusambo writes.

Bowman Lusambo writes.


The statement issued by President Hakainde Hichilema upon arrival from the United Kingdom that Zambia has been run by a clique of thieves since 1964 cannot pass without comment.

Having listened and watched the video of Mr Hichilema clearly uttering those words has left a very unpleasant taste in the mouth.

The statement is highly unfortunate coming from a Head of State. It is divisive, irresponsible and an insult to the collective history of our great nation.

The few weeks that President Hichilema has been in State House with nothing to show for should not allow him to start thinking he is the most righteous Zambians alive. He should not believe that he is the only saint to have ever occupied public office.

This country was founded by great men and women who sacrificed a lot to get us to where we are. Even the education that Mr Hichilema boasts of today was paid by the sacrifice of humble Zambians.

Through out our 57 year old history, this country has seen great men and women work very hard to get us to the level we are today. It is therefore disingenuous on the part of President Hichilema to use the airport tarmac and cast aspersions on the people that were there before him.

A look at his cabinet and his advisory team shows a number of men and women who served in previous administrations. From his Vice President Madam Nalumango, his Principle Private Secretary Brad Machila to his Ministers Felix Mutati, Sylvia Masebo and Elijah Muchima to Green Economy P.S John Msimuko just to mention a few, by this illustration, is President Hichilema telling the world that he is working with a clique of thieves?

If that is the case, we are left with no choice but to call on those that have been deemed thieves by President Hichilema and are serving in his administration to tender in their resignation letters within 24 Hours. It is a basic principle that if your employer does not trust you and considers you a thief, the only moral thing to do is resign the position.

Using his yardstick, we are left with a question for President Hichilema. Does this then mean that even those who participated in the privatization exercise qualify to be called clique of thieves?

We believe that with his checkered past, President Hichilema should be the last person to call other people thieves.

OGranted, some mistakes were made by people who served previously but it would be an insult to trash all the good things that Zambia has achieved since 1964 simply to stroke someone’s overrated ego

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