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Put papers in order, ManyInga businesses told

By Jackson Mapapayi 

The local business Community in Manyinga has been implored to be equipped with necessary documentation and tools to enable them to be considered during the  bidding for local projects.

Speaking during a post 2022 national budget meeting in  the Manyinga district yesterday, Town Council Chairman Henry Sakuwaha said the revised  and upgraded Constituency Development Fund CDF  is meant to benefit local people.

Mr Sakuwaha said local contractors, businessmen and women must ensure that they have legally registered businesses and companies through Patent and Companies Registration Agency, National Council For Construction and ensure that they are  cleared by the Zambia Revenue Authority.

“It’s only when you have right  documentation from PACRA, NCC, ZRA and other  documentations that most of your local people will benefit from CDF projects,” he said.

Mr Sakuwaha said that it is disheartening to see local projects like building a school being given to other people other than locals.

He reiterated that the new dawn government’s vision  is to empower local people, to enable them develop their own communities hence increasing CDF allocation from K1.6 Million to 25.7 Million. 

Mr Sakuwaha also urged the local business sector to partner for them to be considered for bigger projects such as roads rehabilitations and bridge construction.

“Once local people get these projects it means more income in local households,more employment opportunities for our local youths and development in the district, “Mr Sakuwaha added.

Meanwhile, a local businessman Mr James Chikuta has implored the  local business communiity to remain united and support each other in times of need in order to expedite economic growth in Manyinga.

Mr Chikuta commended the new dawn government for increasing CDF allocation and for making sure that local people participate in its implementation.

“As local  businessmen and contractors,we are happy now that we have a role to play in developing our own communities, we are very grateful Mr Chairman,” Mr Chikuta said.

Another local businessma, Mr Joe Luneta, implored the government to prioritise water,sanitation and infrastructure development in the quest to develop the district. 

Mr Luneta said most areas in  Manyinga still lack adequate water provision,good sanitation and good infrastructure especially roads.

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