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Don’t target Kambwili alone, arrest Buumba Malambo too


POLICE should arrest UPND’S Kafue District Council chairperson, BuumbaMalambo for allegedly uttering tribal remarks during the campaign period in the same manner they want to arrest Chishimba Kambwili, New Congress party president Peter Chanda has said.

Pastor Chanda said the remarks by Ms Malambo were tribal in nature and she cannot go scotfree.

He said it is unfortunate that the police could target Patriotic Front (PF) senior official Chishimba Kambwili who was merely talking against voting patterns.

Pastor Chanda said the police need to be professional for the public to have trust in them.

Pastor Chanda said there is evidence where Ms Malambo was perpetuating tribalism but they want to target innocent people just because they are in the opposition.

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“This country is becoming something else now. So advising people to desist from engaging in tribal voting is a serious case.

The video of Buumba Malambo engaging in tribal talk is in the public domain. Even the same Inspector of Police watched it but they want to play politics,” he said.

“So our call is that let Buumba Malambo be arrested because what she did was a serious offence,” Pastor Chanda said.

He said if Ms Malambo will not be arrested then Mr Kambwili should be left alone too.

Pastor Chanda said the police command must think thoroughly on decisions because whatever they do will have an effect in the near future.

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