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Dear Editor,

I HAVE just learnt of a fake and extremely malicious statement posted on a  Facebook Page called KODIMUZIBA alleging that I issued a statement claiming that the death of Hon. Levy Mkandawire, MP for Kabwata Constituency is an act of God, fighting for the PF.

I wish to state that the post is Fake and Malicious propaganda aimed at sowing seeds of hatred against me and tarnishing my image in the minds of right thinking Zambians. I have NOT issued any statement with regards to the death of the late Hon. Mkandawire, in fact I have NOT issued any media statement in the last couple of months.

It is inhuman to try to play dirty politics in a time of sorrow such as this one. Let us mourn Hon. Mkandawire in peace and with dignity and for once let us put asunder this politics of hate and witch-hunting.

Antonio M. Mwanza (MCC)


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