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MORE than 2, 000 residents of Mashula area of Kamfinsa constituency in Kitwe have urged their Member of Parliament, Mr Christopher Kang’ombe to help them acquire ownership documents so that it could be easy to take developmental projects in the area and improve their lives.

They have been living on the land which belongs to the Ministry of Home Affairs for more than 30 years without ownership documents hence seeking the help of the MP to acquire ownership documents.

Mr Elias Banda and Mr Davies Chibuye said once the people were given ownership documents, the area would be opened for various developmental projects that would improve people’s lives.

Mr Banda was speaking on Saturday when Mr Kang’ombe met the residents of Mashula to discuss various issues affecting them.

“This place, Mashula,  has continued to lag behind because we don’t have ownership documents and this place belongs to the Ministry of Home Affairs . We have been living in this place for more than 30 years. So, as settlers in this place, we are asking you, as our MP, to help us get ownership documents so the place can be opened for development. If we can be given ownership documents, then we are sure of development taking place in this area,” Mr Banda said

And in response, Mr Kang’ombe said he will write to the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the piece of land in Mashula area and possibly giving the people in the area ownership documents.

Mr Kang’ombe said he will strive to deliver his campaign promises and responding to the concerns and challenges of the people.

“As MP, I am your servant and this is why I will strive to deliver development in various parts of the constituency. So for the issue of ownership documents for you, the people of Mashula, I will write to the Ministry of Home Affairs to hear how we will proceed,” Mr Kang’ombe said

Mr Kang’ombe has also urged youths in Kamfinsa Police township, Chankalamo, Chipashi and Mwekera to come up with cooperatives which may help them to become self-sustaining.

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