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PF is not finished, in fact the party is still strong on the ground and that is why we still beat the party in power in the just ended by-elections, PF vice president Given Lubinda has said.

Mr. Lubinda said Dr. Sketchly Sacika could not resist the temptation of showing his anger against the PF in the press because of the bitter relationship he had with the late president Michael Sata.

Dr Sacika reportedly suggested in a media report that PF was finished and the future of opposition now lies in Harry Kalaba of the Democratic Party and Fred M’membe of the Socialist Party.

He reportedly referred to PF as a criminal enterprise on the scale of the mafia and said the PF vice president risks devaluating himself as a politician if he continued claiming that UPND won elections through falsehood.

Mr Lubinda said Dr Sacika should look at things more objectively than exhibiting his anger and bitterness on the PF. He challenged him to point at all the criminals in the former ruling party and report them to law enforcement agencies so that they can be prosecuted rather than denting the reputation of the party without proof.

“It has become fashionable for people who have nothing to say about the PF to simply call it a criminal enterprise without producing any evidence,” he said.

Mr. Lubinda said Dr. Sacika may have his favourites but that does not mean that he is the epitome of wisdom.

He said that Dr Sacika may wish that the PF became extinct like UNIP but the party still had people to hold it together.

“UNIP became extinct because of people like Dr Sacika who failed to hold the people together,” he said.

Mr. Lubinda said if Dr Sacika lived in this country he would have known that UPND was voted for based on lies.

He said it was shocking to hear that people of his standing could even think that the people of Zambia did not vote based on the promises that they were told.

“How can someone say that the election was not about what the manifesto said but about kicking PF out of power,” he said.

Mr. Lubinda said UPND had failed to fulfil their promises and everyone was able to see for themselves.

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