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GOVERNMENT must seriously consider a corruption amnesty in this corruption crusade because the prosecution way has proven not to always be effective, Movement for National Transformation (MNT) president Daniel Shimunza has said.

Mr. Shimunza, who is one the UPND Alliance partners, said he feels strongly that providing a corruption amnesty to those perceived to have stolen public resources could work as court prosecution does not guarantee recovery.

“The case of former President Frederick Chiluba is proof of that,” he said in an interview.

Mr Shimunza said a corruption amnesty was not avoiding to recover national assets that were stolen by public officials in the previous regime.

He said amnesty was an alternative way of recovering assets quicker based on corruption allegations.

Mr. Shimunza said that the amnesty was not a witch hunt but giving an opportunity to those who had stolen public resources to voluntarily surrender what they got to the state in a unifying way without being prosecuted.

He said they should be given a period in which they could surrender what they stole and go the  prosecution way if they default on the amnesty.

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