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There’re no sacred cows in graft fight, insists UPND


THERE are no sacred cows in the ongoing corruption crusade as all perpetrators of crime will be fished out irrespective of political affiliation, says UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa.

Mr Mweetwa said UNPD is not exceptional when it comes to arresting corrupt and perpetrators of political violence in the country.

In an interview, Mr Mweetwa said only those who dipped their fingers into the national basket should be ready to be arrested and face the law accordingly.

He however stated that President Hakainde Hichilema’s interest is the economic recovery and the rest will be taken care of by the law enforcement officers.

“Only those who committed crimes and were involved in corrupt practices will be followed up by law enforcers and the UPND members are not an exception when it comes to arresting corrupt and perpetrators of political violence,” said Mr Mweetwa.

And Mr Mweetwa said from the time the UPND took power in August, political violence has since ended and all criminals who masqueraded as political supporters have all been flushed out from the markets and bus stations.

He added that political violence can only exist where the ruling party has sponsors of the vice.

He said UPND will ensure that the rule of law is applied as a way of restoring law and order in the country.

Mr Mweetwa who is also Southern Province minster said UPND supporters know that once they go against the law, the law will visit them and they will not be shielded because no one is above the law.

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