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‘Penalise schools abrogating Covid-19 regulations’


MINISTRY of Education and school authorities should coordinate and ensure that everything is in place in regards with Covid-19 to avoid more infections as schools open next week, educationalist and mentor coordinator Jairo Mambwe has advised.

Ms Mambwe said some school authorities do not want to follow health guidelines, therefore putting lives of learners at risk.

Ms Mambwe said the ministry should embark on thorough inspection of schools including the private ones on a fact-finding mission.

She said in an interview that some schools were not following the health guidelines that have been prescribed by the Ministry of Health, which has compromised the fight against contracting the pandemic.

She said if inspectors from the ministry can be conducting impromptu visits to learning institutions they would be shocked to learn what is prevailing.

Ms Mambwe suggested that the Ministry of Education must penalise schools that are abrogating safety rules with impunity.

The ministries of Health and Education rescheduled the re-opening of schools from January 10 to January 24 following the escalation of Covid cases.

In the last 24 hours, 685 people tested positive  out of 3, 402  tests, while four people died of Covid and  two died of Covid-19 associated deaths.

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