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A reward initiative to encourage cashless payments by using Visa cards when making transactions has been launched by Stanbic Bank Zambia.

Cashless payments have been growing steadily in Zambia and this growth has increased exponentially in the last couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ‘Swipe or Tap2Drive promotion’ initiative launched by Stanbic is therefore meant to capitalise on this growth.

The drive which will run from December 2021 to April 2022 is open to all Stanbic Bank customers that will use the Bank’s Visa Debit or Credit card.

The ‘Swipe and Win’ card promotion is a great opportunity to encourage cashless payments through use of the Visa debit or credit cards, according to Stanbic Bank Head of Client Solutions, Ms Chanda Mwila.

Ms Mwila emphasised that the Covid-19 pandemic had necessitated the need for society to go cashless.

“With Tap and Go capabilities enabled on our cards and at the Point-of-Sale machines, customers have the ability to limit physical cash contact during transactions.

“What makes this campaign unique is not just that customers have a chance to win their share of monthly prize but we are also driving them to alter behaviour patterns, and use more of our digital platforms,” she said in a statement.

Ms Mwila also observed that card payments not only allowed for quick transactions but also offers secure payments whenever one was transacting for goods and services as they do not need to move around with cash.

She pointed out that the card payment via e-commerce has expanded the world of retail to Zambians by granting them access to varying goods and services-including medicines.

Card payments allows customers to pay for goods and services without handling physical cash but via the Point of Sale (POS) machines with accredited merchants as well as online transactions on e-commerce platforms.

 “One can pay for almost anything with a card these days. The increase in availability stems from the fact that a lot more merchants/ vendors are accepting swiping as a payment method.

“With the ‘Client First’ ethos, Stanbic Bank is set to deliver flexibility, efficiency and value addition to its clients, and an exciting new range of propositions which has our customers and stakeholders at the heart of everything we do,” Ms Mwila said.


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