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A downpour that characterized most parts of Kalomo in the past week have left trails of destruction on private and public property.

The  downpour during the said period has left several households homeless, dams overflowing, crossing points and bridges washed away, fields submerged, government infrastructure and personal structures damaged and collapsing in the heavy rain spate.

Several houses have collapsed at a Zion camp, Magrimond, Mukwela and Mawaya compounds alongside with their home pit latrines, a situation which poses a threat for possible water borne diseases.

Schools have not been spared with the disaster management and mitigation committee (DMMU) under the chairmanship of district commissioner, Joshua Sikanduli acknowledging such reports and called for comprehensive assessment reports over the occurrences for possible redress.

Meanwhile farmers getting fertilisers under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) have expressed concern over the slow pace in which the engaged Alfa Commodities Limited is dishing out the packs.

The farmers who spend nights in the township shop corridors have called on government in the next farming to consider giving such a contract to more than one distributor to avert the predicted delay of agro inputs to the farming community.

“We appreciate the government for giving us three bags of both basal and Top dressing but the disbursement of this exercise by only one supply is affecting us. Us as farmers, we look at time and we delay getting the inputs on time, this may affect our productivity.” Says James Muleya, a farmer from Siachitema area.

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