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Businessman sues state over repossessed land


A BUSINESSMAN has sued Government seeking an order that the compulsory acquisition of property on which Twatasha Community School and housing units are built is unlawful for want of valid reasons to justify the acquisition.

Mr Robbison Kaleb Zulu in his claim filed in the Lusaka High Court stated that he was a beneficial owner of a property known as subdivision 1 to 3 of subdivision of farm no 380a Lusaka.

The plaintiff stated that he bought the said property in 2011 from Enviro-Flo Limited.

He however stated that by way of a notice of intention to acquire the property dated  February  28, 2018 and published in the Gazette on  February 16, 2018, the Attorney General through the President of Zambia expressed its intention to compulsorily acquire the property.

Mr Zulu stated that he objected to the intended compulsory acquisition because he had no intention of closing Twatasha Community School but wanted to convert it to a modern school which would operate as a private entity.

Mr Zulu wants in the alternative for the court to order for payment of adequate compensation in the sum of K39, 500, 000 or such compensation to be assessed by the deputy registrar upon reference.

He also wants an order for assessment of damages related or connected to expenses and   costs to be incurred in the facilitation of the severance of the property subject of compulsory acquisition from the residual property.

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