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Delayed school repairs anger Kitwe DC


GOVERNMENT is disappointed that the contractor engaged to repair the roof that was blown off at Temwani Primary School in Kitwe after a downpour has not yet mobilised to the site.

  Kitwe District Commissioner Lawrence Mwanza said the school should have been roofed by now looking at the days left before schools could re-open.

The roof at the school, which is in the Ndeke area, was blown off after a downpour in December last year. Mr Mwanza was speaking shortly after checking Covid-19 preparedness at some schools in the district. “I’m so disappointed that the contractor has not been on site despite making the assurance that they would commence the work as soon as they were engaged.

“The situation is not pleasing at all because we are expecting pupils to be in class next Monday. How will they sit and learn in such classrooms?” he wondered.

Mr Mwanza said the situation if not sorted in time would drain government resources because a lot of things such as repainting the classrooms and repairing the desks that were currently getting soaked in the rains.

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