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Women access to land key to poverty alleviation


SAVE the Environment and People’s Agency (SEPA) has called on women to know their rights when it comes to land ownership and land rights.

SEPA Chief Executive Officer, Mailes Muke said in many societies, women were discriminated against when it comes to using, purchasing, inheriting and leveraging lands.

Ms Muke said that the trend caused many women to continue living in poverty. 

“As you are aware, in Zambia women contribute over 70% to food production. But most of our women  have continued to be discriminated against in many ways including purchasing, inheritance  and leveraging land as a productive asset which has a spillover effect in food security.

“We want to educate our women more especially on land acquisition and also empower them on land rights,  and on Environment activities,” she explained.

Ms Muke said land was an asset which  every Zambian including women needed to own.

She added that in today’s world, everyone was rushing for land and extracted resources hastened by the growing impact of climate change stating that in the end it was the women who were at the centre of human rights violation worldwide regarding their rights and access to land.

Children the protection of their mothers/ parents. She added that with the coming of mine in Zambezi parents should on look out as mining are not supposed to harm children.

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