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Low funding spells doom as schools reopen


IT will be very difficult for schools to operate and sustain themselves due to the insufficient funds that they have received, says the National Action for Quality Education of Zambia (NAQUEZ).

NAQUEZ Executive Director Aaron Chansa said that he felt the new term would not be run smoothly because the funds that had been allocated were not enough.

“As you are aware, schools reopen in three days’ time but I can tell you that it will be very difficult for the government schools to function properly because the grants given are just too little,” he said.

Mr Chansa said the government had allocated K2.1 billion for school operations but that term one alone required about K600 million and looking at the needs of the schools it would be hard for them to meet theit targets. He said he was aware that some schools had received proper funding and that he was hoping the Treasury would add more money.

Mr Chansa also called on the government to give a clear roadmap on how they would be able to conduct this programme so that schools could not be affected in any way.

 “Government should give us a roadmap so that we do not have serious lacunas going forward which might affect the dispensing of education,” he said.


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